Royal Eye Hospital
Upper Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1942 - 1981

When the Royal Eye Hospital in Southwark was badly damaged by bombs in 1941, the wards had to be closed.  

'Southborough', a mid 19th century villa in Upper Brighton Road, Surbiton, was procured in 1942 for  the Hospital's in-patients.  In 1943 the Surbiton branch began a small Out-Patients Department.

It joined the NHS in 1948 as the Surbiton branch of the Royal Eye Hospital, St George's Circus, Southwark, under the control of the King's College Hospital Group.

In 1973, following another NHS reorganisation, it came under the control of the Kingston and Richmond Area Health Authority, whilst its parent hospital transferred to the St Thomas's Group.

In 1981 it moved to the site of the former Victoria Hospital in Coombe Road, Kingston, and was renamed the Royal Eye Unit.

In 1995 the Unit moved to Kingston Hospital.

Present status (May 2008)

The original lodge, which faced Upper Brighton Road,  has been retained, but 'Southborough' was demolished in the 1990s.  The site now contains a housing development - Penners Gardens.

The Lodge
The lodge is mostly hidden behind trees in Upper Brighton Road.

Penners Gardens
The entrance to Penners Gardens.
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