Archway Hospital

Archway Road, Highgate, N19

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1879 - 1980


The Holborn Union Infirmary opened in 1879 on the west side of Archway Road, Highgate.  The four-storey building had 625 beds, with female wards at the south part and male wards at the north.  A recreation area at the back of the Infirmary was divided across the centre to keep the sexes apart. A two-storey block on the east of the site contained receiving wards, a doctor's residence and a dispensary.

In 1912 the nursing staff quarters were extended at the southern end of the site.

In 1921 it was renamed the Holborn and Finsbury Hospital.

In 1928 the Hospital took over Furnival House in Cholmeley Park for use as a Nurses' Home.

In 1930, following the abolition of the Boards of Guardians, the Hospital came under the administrative control of the LCC, who renamed it the Archway Hospital.

By 1948, at the advent of the NHS, it had merged with St Mary's Hospital,  situated across the road in Highgate Hill, and the Highgate Hospital in Dartmouth Park Road.  The three Hospitals became the Whittington Hospital. The Archway Hospital became the Archway Wing, with 416 beds.

By 1977 the Whittington Hospital, under the North London Group Hospital Management Committee, had just under 2000 beds.

In the 1970s the 8-storey Furnival Building was added to the site and, in the 1980s, the 3-storey Ely Building.

In 1998 the Archway Wing of the Whittington Hospital was sold by the NHS and jointly purchased by University College London and Middlesex University.

Present status (March 2008)

The Hospital building survives and is now the Archway Campus, an education and research facility for health-related professionals, which opened in 1999.

Update: April 2015

The Archway Campus closed in August 2013 and the site has been sold to Peabody for redevelopment in 2014.

Furnival House has been sold for redevelopment into luxury apartments.

Archway Campus

The frontage along Archway Road.

Archway Campus

The main entrance in Archway Road.

Archway Campus

The back of the building from across Highgate Hill

Archway Campus

A view of the building from Tollworth Way.

Archway Campus

The clerestory-roofed entry to the Sex Clinic, part of the Clerkenwell Building.

Archway Campus

A site plan for the Archway Campus.

Archway Campus

Furnival House (above and below), built in 1916 for the female staff of the Prudential Assurance Company, became the Nurses' Home in 1928. It is currently a hall of residence for students at the University of Westminster.

Archway Campus

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